Belterra Park & gaming center

Each component; from a spectacular arrival sequence that draws people in, to a year round special event space where every viewpoint is the best seat in the house shows a conscious design intent to marry function and form on all scales.

The streets of brentwood

Lifestyle center planning has honed our skills for developing attractive streetscapes and inviting open spaces. We applied contemporary design expertise to their retail environment to make the site seamlessly contribute to the existing context and spur visitor enthusiasm. 


Wide-ranging experience in creating luxurious out door spaces for lifestyle and commercial centers serves all client needs for traffic planning, feature elements, and guest attractions. We make it our purpose to  provide an environment that helps establish a modern, healthier, and rich lifestyle for our client’s guests


Stone Brewing Concept Plan

The revitalization of  urban neighborhoods through the introduction of new commercial, event, and green spaces to advance growth and create a destination site.


Diverse experience has allowed us to become experts in realizing a client’s vision, however fantastical.  Locally inspired folklore and history, or business culture are elements used to inform the high level design components suchs as; gateways, water features, and circulation.

Hotel Breakers Renovation

This hotel demonstrates our ability to renovate an existing site into something new and stunning.  Grand entrances, sweeping views, and inviting promenades are just a few design experiences we can translate to a new project’s specific entertainment goals.