It is with immense pride and joy that POD Design has been awarded the 2016 Honor Award by the ASLA Ohio Chapter for the Cincinnati Nature Center’s Marge and Charles Schott Nature PlayScape.  This prestigious award was announced at the ASLA gala event.  

The Cincinnati Nature Center's Marge and Charles Schott Nature PlayScape provides a unique environment for children of all ages to play, build, explore, and learn. As a result of thoughtful planning and design by the team, the PlayScape reflects the local landscape, micro climate, and multiple natural habitats. Challenged to create an interactive natural play space, the design advocated for maximizing the use of local resources and showed the client how it not only stretched the budget, but created a truly immersive natural environment where kids were not only free, but encouraged to leave no rock unturned. 

Owner/Client:             Cincinnati Nature Center, 4949 Tealtown Road, Milford Ohio 45150 - Bill Hopple, Director

Project Type:              General Design | Constructed

Date of Completion:   Winter 2010 (Opening Date: Fall 2011)


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