POD is honored to have been selected as the first place recipients of the 2015 NEST competition. This is a friendly fundraiser organized by Neighborhood Design Center, in which design firms and students are asked to construct a birdhouse for a bird of their choosing.

                This was a fun opportunity to create a space for a smaller client, in this case the House Wren. As with any client we focused on their specific needs, trying to be resourceful and innovative with our design process. We appreciated the opportunity to break from our nests – sorry, desks – and spread our wings. Through a luncheon design charrette, the office whittled down several creative designs to a simple and familiar form that makes the most of the least. The following is our submission, we hope you enjoy! And Thanks again to the Neighborhood Design Center!

As POD is currently expanding our own 'nest', we sought to use found and recycled materials from our office construction to build and inspire our birdhouse. Everything used came from within our office, from reclaimed barn-wood siding to coffee k-cups used to hold the sedum greenroof.  For the form we studied various geometries for construction, settling on a triangular configuration for its strength and minimal use of materials. The entrance is formed by leaving the roof plane just shy of completing the triangle, forming an eave in which Wren are accustomed to nesting. The angle of this slotted entrance also discourages predator access, protecting the Wren family. The mini greenroof can be used by the female wren to finish her mate’s nest of twigs within. Our birdhouse can be placed easily on any vertical surface, such as a fence post within the garden. Wren’s spend a great deal of time in shrubs and brush, which our birdhouse resembles in both materials and color, making this a comfortable nesting location to relax and raise a brood.

We look forward to participating in next year’s competition and are eager to see what amazing designs will be presented.